Oak Flooring, Moncks Corner, SC

Oak flooring is one of the more durable options in the category of hardwood.

As you look at the different flooring materials available, your eye may settle on oak. This gorgeous wood flooring option is incredibly popular among homeowners throughout the country. It comes in various options, including different shades and designs, allowing every customer to select the style they prefer. Oak is highly versatile, as it can be stained with countless colors to create the ideal appearance. Plus, oak flooring is one of the more durable options in the hardwood category.

Oak Flooring in Moncks Corner, South Carolina

As you start to compare options, you may come across the two main types of oak flooring: red and white. Red oak has a slightly pink tone, with a more pronounced grain pattern. By contrast, white oak’s tone is a bit more yellow and isn’t as busy at first glance. Both have their own pros and cons, but what you prefer is ultimately what will look best in your home. Depending on the existing cabinetry, color schemes, and furnishings, your space may be better suited for one shade versus the other. However, the versatility of the material outlined above emphasizes that you can get the exact tone you want with professional staining.

At Design Flooring, LLC, we provide high-quality oak flooring to property owners located in and around Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Shop our selection of premium materials to find the perfect addition to your space. Our technicians will also take care of installing your new floors, allowing you to sit back and relax as we transform the surface beneath your feet.

At Design Flooring, LLC, we offer oak flooring for customers in Moncks Corner and James Island, South Carolina, as well as throughout Dorchester County, Berkeley County, and Charleston County.