Start at the Foundation with your Subfloor

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The subfloor is the foundation of your flooring. Its purpose is to evenly distribute the weight placed upon the floor across the entire flooring system. The subfloor also provides a level surface on which to put the primary flooring materials. A well-installed subfloor should not only be level, but it should also act as a moisture buffer, reduce noise, and protect flooring from temperature fluctuations. Failure to properly install a subfloor may result in flooring collapsing in on itself, gaps, unevenness, squeaks, warping, buckling, and other costly issues.

Start at the Foundation with your Subfloor

At Design Flooring, we offer many services related to subflooring, including subfloor installation, subfloor repair, and subfloor replacement. With our services, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your subfloor is doing its job and will last for years to come.

Our subfloor installation is the perfect choice for those who are having a new building constructed or who are undergoing extensive renovations of their home. Subfloor repair is the option to choose if your current subfloor has sustained damage on a smaller scale or in a particular spot. Our third option is subfloor replacement, which can be necessary after extensive or widespread damage.

One of the most common issues causing a need for subfloor repair or replacement is moisture. You can spot this through signs such as warping of the floor, loud squeaking, a musty odor, or floors that are shifty or feel bouncy or uneven beneath your feet. If you notice any of these signs, contact us to assess your flooring and offer a recommendation of the best course of action.

Once your subfloor is finished, we can install your chosen flooring on top. We provide several flooring options and expert installation. Allow us to care for all of your flooring needs.