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We’re experts in subfloor installation, using high-quality materials to ensure an excellent outcome.

Although you may not realize it, beneath the flooring materials in your home or business sits a layer known as the subfloor. Before any type of floor covering can be installed, the surface often requires the installation of an underlayment and a subfloor.

Subfloor Installation in James Island, South Carolina

The subfloor connects to the floor joists, which are the bottom structural layer of the floor. These wood or steel beams run parallel to one another, helping to support the flooring loads. The subfloor is next, creating a sturdy and flat surface that can hold up the flooring materials and underlayment. Some contractors use plywood materials, while others install oriented strand board (OSB) planks to create a subfloor.

You may be looking for a provider of subfloor installation services if you’re undergoing a renovation project at your home or you’re in the process of having a new building constructed. Here in James Island, South Carolina and the surrounding area, our team at Design Flooring, LLC can perform this vital service for you. We’re experts in subfloor installation, using high-quality materials to ensure an excellent outcome. As local flooring specialists, we can also tackle the other steps in the flooring process to give you beautiful, functional, and highly appealing floors.

In addition to subfloor installation, we can handle other subfloor tasks, including repair and replacement. If you have any questions about the purpose of a subfloor or the installation process, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our helpful team members can answer your questions and get you set up with service at your home or business.

At Design Flooring, LLC, we offer subfloor installation services for customers in Moncks Corner and James Island, South Carolina, as well as throughout Dorchester County, Berkeley County, and Charleston County.