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Vinyl flooring is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic. It is comfortable under foot and reduces noise, which can be important for owners with kids or pets. It is also less expensive than many other flooring options and is easy to install and maintain. Vinyl flooring comes in a broad range of colors and patterns to match every decor, including a variety of lifelike wood grains and tile textures.


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From black to white, blue to red, multi-colored and beyond, you can pick from many colors for your vinyl floor.


Like with laminate, vinyl can be design to resemble many different materials such as wood, stone/slate, marble, ceramic/porcelain, or even metal


Vinyl surfaces come in a wide variety of options including smooth, textured, embossed, hand scraped, or wire brushed


There are several different installation methods for all circumstances: Glue, Floating/interlocking, full-spread adhesive, plus peel & stick